Error message

Using 1.9
I am suddenly getting an error. Backtrace shows:
Warning: SimpleXMLElement::__construct() [simplexmlelement.–construct]: Entity: line 2: parser error : AttValue: " or ’ expected in /home/austra/public_html/piwik/plugins/ExampleFeedburner/ExampleFeedburner.php on line 119

Backtrace -->

#0 Piwik_ErrorHandler(…) called at [:]
#1 SimpleXMLElement->__construct(…) called at [/home/austra/public_html/piwik/plugins/ExampleFeedburner/ExampleFeedburner.php:119]
#2 Piwik_ExampleFeedburner_Controller->getFeedData(…) called at [/home/austra/public_html/piwik/plugins/ExampleFeedburner/ExampleFeedburner.php:84]
#3 Piwik_ExampleFeedburner_Controller->feedburner(…) called at [:]
#4 call_user_func_array(…) called at [/home/austra/public_html/piwik/core/FrontController.php:138]
#5 Piwik_FrontController->dispatch(…) called at [/home/austra/public_html/piwik/index.php:53]

This install has been operating for some years without problems (recent upgrade did not produce the error)

Any ideas would be appreciated.

The problem is the Feedburner plugin, which we will remove in the next version since google is closing down feedburner API

Thanks Matt,
I have found the Example feeedburner plugin and disabled it - seems to be OK now