Error message: Oops... there was a problem during the request. The server may have been temporarily overloaded, or you may have requested a report with too much data

hey I did the Matomo tutorial in IIS and now I get the following error message on the Matomo website. What can I do?

(In German: Fehlermeldung: Oops… während der Anfrage ist ein Problem aufgetreten. Möglicherweise war der Server temporär überlastet, oder eventuell haben Sie einen Bericht mit zu vielen Daten angefordert.)

Thank you very much.

Kind regards

On which step do you have this issue?

I have finished it and I can see the dashboard.

In the network tab, I see this:

Maybe you have some plugin that is not activated?
→ Check this in the Admin page
Or some missing files in the install.
→ Download again Matomo files and compare with the content of your server

I couldn’t solve the issue