Error Matomo 3.10.1 - Time

I have this message:

The date ‘-0001-11-30’ is a date before first website was online. Try date that’s after Aug 6, 1991 (timestamp 681436800).: -62169984000

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Hi @Jonny
Thanks for the report. Where did you see this message? what URL? Do you know how to reproduce this issue?

thank you for your answer.
I saw that message in this URL:

I am having a similar issue in version 3.12.0 when I try to save tag changes, publish a new version, or import a container. The screenshot attached shows the message when I try to save changes to a tag.

Steps to reproduce are as follows:

  1. Created a new Custom HTML tag for Google Optimize
  2. Added HTML snippet, saved and published without issue
  3. Deleted tag and added an updated tag with name Google Analytics + Optimize
  4. Updated tag accidentally referenced a variable that I had not declared in the variable mapping
  5. Attempted to save new tag and error message was shown
  6. Removed ‘+’ and changed to ‘and’ in tag name, also replaced variable with string
  7. Continued to receive error message and my container will no longer publish nor update

And this is the URL with the issue:

UPDATE: I dug in a bit and may have found what was causing my issue.

When I queried the database for the tag I added, I found that one of the tags I created had a start date and end date with the following value: 0000-00-00 00:00:00

When I deleted the values so they were set to null similar to the other tags, it seemed to resolve the issue for now.

I am not sure how those timestamps were set to 0000-00-00 00:00:00, if it was due to any interaction I took or if something in the PHP on the backend executed improperly to set the value in the DB. I don’t recall doing any special configuration outside of the initial tag set up. I will continue to monitor and see if that resolved the issue.

That sounds a lot like

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@Lukas Thanks for the info. I will make sure to check the commits in the repo in the future to see if there is anything related to what I am seeing so I can provide additional context or info for your team. Keep up the good work, Matomo team. I’m very glad that Matomo is available and it is the primary web analytics + tag management tool I recommend with clients and within organizations that I work with.

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