Error in Piwiks calculations

I have noticed a strange thing: it seems Piwik can not count.

I have a web page published on March 7th.

I use the date range from 2014-02-20 to 2014-03-18. In the report Pages I find that my web page has had 297 pageviews and 272 unique pageviews.

I change the date range from 2014-03-01 to 2014-03-18. In the report Pages I find that my web page has had 53 pageviews and 50 unique pageviews.

There should not be any difference between these date ranges. Why is there a difference? My page wasn’t published in February.
I have attached a picture showing you the difference (marked with red frames, and the date ranges are in green frames).

I then use the Row Evaluation. I have enclosed an attached file so you can see it. The Row Evaluation table shows the same data in both date ranges.
I can see the pageviews day after day. I move the mouse over each dot in the table and I can see I have the following pageviews: 59+4+2+103+60+35+15+19+21+32 = 350
According to the Row Evaluation table my page get a total of 350 pageviews.

So my page has 297 or 53 or 350 pageviews. Which number is the correct one???

I hope somebody can help me solve this mystery as I have no idea what numbers can be trusted. Please help and I’ll be very grateful!
Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

We have a couple bugs opened with data inconsistency when “period=range”

ie. → There is a bug somewhere in Piwik that we hope to track down soon.

Could you check if you experience one of these and comment there with any helpful info if you can?

Or simply post a link to this post to the relevant ticket … thanks!

I’m glad you already knew about these bugs so I didn’t surprise you too much :wink:

I will check the links out and try to help you as much as I can. If I find anything useful I will make a comment.

I wish you the best of luck in finding the bugs!