Error in GA > Matomo import logs, apparently can't find legitimate GA-UA Goal Metrics

Can’t find any references about this. I’ve done my share of GA > Matomo data imports and managed to solve pretty much every issue (usually it’s the host :laughing:).

Anyway, seems like in the logs it throws an error like this:

Unknown metric(s): ga:goal16ConversionRate, ga:goal17Completions, ga:goal16Value, ga:goal18Completions, ga:goal18Value, ga:goal18ConversionRate, ga:goal16Completions, ga:goal17Value, ga:goal17ConversionRate\nFor details see

Already double checked: the metrics are legit.

Also, the website I’m doing the import for has used up each and every of the 20 Goal slots un GA-UA.

I’m struggling to find a reason why this might happen.

Any idea or contribution would be greatly appreciated.