Error in code?


Just installed Piwik. Love it yet, for some reason, I’m getting the followin error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING

I did make sure I removed my code and copied it from the app to no avail. I then looked for a missing “;” or any other obvious error which could have happened as I’m no php expert yet, even after over an hour, I can’t figure it out.

Here’s the code: (note that DreamWeaver tells me the error is on lines 2-3 which I will put in bold here. Could it be because it’s installed on a subdomain?

<!-- End Piwik Tracking Code -- Any help is MUCH appreciated! Seb.


Nevermind: I figured it out. Dare I say? Just in case someone else was as distracted :S as I was: the code was inserted twice in the same page, which caused the error.

Thanks anyway and I’m delighted with Piwik which, I find, much nicer than Google Analytics plus it avoids giving Google even more info…