Error filesize jquery.scrollTo.min.js

hi, i have a problem with installation piwik on my server…
I have tried several times to load rate , but the error remains …
how to Solve ?

i tried to download older version file but i have the same problem

Discordanza di dimensione file: /web/htdocs/site/home/stats/libs/bower_components/jquery.scrollTo/jquery.scrollTo.min.js (dimensione attesa: 2712, trovata: 2706)

hi, I can not Solve the Problem,
I tried all possible solutions,
you can help me ?

maybe be related:,127290

extract the file using the opposite line endings that you used originally.

hi junapp, I do not understand…

When you downloaded piwik, then extracted it, some extractors will give you the option to convert windows based or unix based line endings.

This is a guess. I’d personally put 6 spaces into that file, hit save and see what happens (after exhausting to re-download as the error message suggests).

What is your setup? are you ftp’ing files to a server?