Error collecting data from my website

Hello everyone, I did the matomo installation, I corrected the errors, I added the script on the website but so far I do not have data collection of users who enter my website.

Do you use Matomo Tag Manager or just the JavaScript API?
Can you share how you configured the tracking (Matomo site configuration and tracking code)
Is there any HTTP request from your site to your Matomo instance? (look at the Network tab of your browser developer tool)

  1. JavaScript API only
  2. I am using wordpress, copy and paste the script generated by matomo where it indicates, at the beginning it began to collect some processes of the users that entered the website but then not so far
  3. all are https requests

When you browse your WP site, you don’t see any log in the real-time log?
Can you share the HTTPS requests from your site to your Matomo instance?