Error cannot load Zend OPcache

got the the cront job to archive but I am getting this error.

Cannot load Zend OPcache - it was already loaded ERROR 16269 Error unserializing the following response from ? module=API&method&CoreAdminHome.archiveReports&idSite=1&period=day&setup&date=2021-04-04&format=json&trigger=archivephp: 'Cannot load ZendOPcache - it was already loaded {“idarchives”:[286],“nb_visits”:“7”}

How to get this solved?


This isn’t really an issue in Matomo, but in your PHP setup: You try to load the zend OPcache module again after you have already loaded it somewhere else in your config.

So check your PHP config if you by chance have a line like twice.