Error: Cannot create object - Live.getLastVisitsDetails

Hello Awesome people.

I just started using PIWIK 2 weeks ago, im amazed of the possibilities but im still so awfully green.
So sorry for my ignorance.

I’m in the middle of a exam project, where i am using a piwik API in my interface, to make a chart of the actions on the site over a timeline
It was working perfectly yesterday, but now it just returns ( Error: Cannot create object ).
I’ve narrowed it down, so the problem can only come from the request im sending with this method : Live.getLastVisitsDetails.

I saw the changelog : “The API method Live.getLastVisitsDetails does no longer support the API parameter filter_sort_column to prevent possible memory issues when filter_offset is large.”

But im not using filter_sort_column or filter_offset.
So im pretty damn lost…

My request looks like this
’module’ => ‘API’,
‘method’ => ‘Live.getLastVisitsDetails’,
‘idSite’ => ‘1’,
‘date’ => ‘today’,
‘period’ => ‘day’,
‘format’ => ‘json’,
‘token_auth’ => ‘x’

Maybe some higher level PIWIKER is able to point out what this rookie is doing wrong.

Have a nice day :wink:

I think i deleted the expanded = 1 somehow…
cus it works when i added that param…

Anyhow., how do i delete my stupid posts :slight_smile:

it didn’t seem to be the solution anyway.

It had something to do with the date, period - filter limit…
If i had date = 2015-04-22, period = month and filter_limit = 100, it works, but only show the first 100
I tried using the filter_offset, but got the error again,.

Now i changed the date = today, period= year, and removed the limit totally…

Shit is happening!

Just wondering if im going to get overloaded with data at somepoint in the future, now when there is no limit.?