Error always_populate_raw_post_data=-1

i have to put into php.ini always_populate_raw_post_data=-1

But in what map can i find the php.ini ?

crate a page with phpinfo() on it. This will show you the location of your php.ini file.

I still don`t understand what i must do ???

Once you create a file with phpinfo on it, it will output a huge amount of info about your PHP installation. From that you will find the location of your php.ini file. Open that file and add the line always-populate-raw-post-data.

I tried without any succes can you not just tell me where the location is ???

There is no way for me to know in your particular installation. Every installation is different. This is why I have given you instructions to find it.

Create a text file with the following content

bool phpinfo ([ int $what = INFO_ALL ] )

name it phpinfo.php (or anything you like), make sure the file extension becomes php and not txt) and upload it via ftp to your site. Browse to that file, it will generate all the PHP info you need.

When I say browse to the file I mean that you should go to or whichever path is correct.

Delete the file afterwards.