Error after upgrading to 2.15.0


I updated automatically an hour ago to version 2.15.0 and since then get the following message:

Variable “enableMeasurePiwikForSiteId” does not exist in “_piwikTag.twig” at line 3

I am new to PIWIK - just used it for a few sites in the last month and was very happy until this happens…

It could be that the database was not updated well (just a guess since it happened after the system said that update was successful and that it is going to update the database).

Any idea?

Many thanks,



I would make a backup, then overwrite all Piwik files manually from the .ZIP


Actually check 301 Moved Permanently


Excellent! This solved it immediately! Many thanks! Probably the automatic update failed somehow, so doing the manual one (which is practically what you suggested) did it well.