Error after updating: class not found

After (manual) updating an old piwik installation (i guess something 0.4.x) I get a weird error message:

Fatal error: Class ‘HTML_QuickForm’ not found in /public_html/piwik/core/Form.php on line 112

What I’ve done: I renamed the old directory, uploaded the new files (latest), copied the old config-file. after this, i get an error message that the api plugin cannot be loaded. so i disabled this plugin in the config files. i guess the probleme here was the case sensitive foldername (api) …

any hints whats wrong? i could update the database successfully. but after i cannot login anymore because of the fatal error.

thanks for help in advance.


When i update manually i sometimes have to send the files on the web server 2 to 3 times before Piwik works correctly.
And it’s not just Piwik; i encoutered the same with a forum i had in the past.

So you could try sending the files again.
It might solve the missing file problem.

Thanks a lot. After uploading the files three times It just worked. weird.