[error] after restore database piwik didn`t log visit

today i delete one huge site from my piwik using How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo but i done something wrong (i set bad ID) and i restore database from backup ( i have got daily backup of mysql).
now piwik didn`t record actual stats ( i change at top date to actual). still there is 0 visits/views at all of the sites.

how can i debug this error and solve it ?

mysql 5.0, piwik newest 1.0
piwik_log_visit doesn`t record new entries

Maybe delete tmp/cache/* ?

Also try: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Its very, very strange. i overvrite all my piwik installation with files from latest.zip, then i restore backup again - didnt work. after all i update to 1.1beta4 and problem was still there - piwik didn`t record my visits.

my next thouht was - maybe its locked tables ? i lock tables before make backup. SQLquery 'unlock tables;' didnt help.

my sheet anchor was - check piwik.js - maybe it`s corrupted ? i download newest from trunk, uncompressed - and - working great!
problem solved.

generally piwik only record 1 visit with broken piwik.js - from IE8 and only one refresh page.

thanks for your help and huge FAQ.

Really, fucking errors.
no JS error, files ok. piwik stop counting data at 22:00 GMT +1;/

new installation and everythink works like a charm.

is it any possibility to import stats from other piwik installation ?

Yes see Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo

i read all the faq, and others.

my old piwik installation didn`t work, i install it in second location and redirect tracking code from old installation to new piwik installation.
is there any way to import old data from one installation to new piwik instalallation ?