Error after installing HeatMap and Session Recording plugin in marketplace

When I install plugins in the marketplace and then I open Matomo Dashboard,
it is showing this error:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template (“SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘capture_manually’ in ‘field list’”).

Can anyone provide any help for this issue?

Hi @Abhishek_Jha
Can you try the following command?

$ ./path/to/matomo/console core:update

We have started a trial before deciding to buy this and we have the same error. Running the command suggested above, did nothing.

Everything is already up to date.

I wanted to create the column manually, but there isn’t even a table for the field list.
Running Matomo v 5.0.3 on-premise version.

Is this plugin deprecated?

Hi @atomer
As this concerns premium plugin, you can also contact the support team by email…