Error 403 on website settings in matomo

If a user has admin access in Matomo Analytics and clicks on website settings, it shows error 403 - forbidden. On clicking on manage website, it takes forever to load. I have latest version of Matomo installed in my server. Is it a Matomo issue ? How to resolve this ?

I have freshly reinstalled Matomo. But, the same problem persists in the new installation also. When I click on website settings in Matomo analytics, it shows error 403-forbidden. But, as far as I remember, it was working correctly earlier. If someone can help, I would be very much thankful.


Chances are high that your webserver is denying this request. You can maybe find more details in it’s error log (do you by chance have mod_security enabled?)

If it isn’t the Webserver, can you check the php error log?

Thanks for your response. Sorry for the delay in my response. I had reinstalled Matomo and for the time being the error disappeared. But, I am facing the same issue again. I checked log files

  1. php error log does not show any error on this at all.
  2. I enabled LogViewer. That also does not show any error.

I created another admin login, but the problem persists along all admin accounts. I am able to access all other settings, but when I click on website settings, it says forbidden. Moreover, I am able to add new website, but once it is created, I am not able to edit its settings.


Is it possible that you are using mod_security or have installed Matomo in a subdirectory of another website?

Thanks for the response.
It does not work even with mod_security disabled. And, I installed Matomo in the subdirectory of the same website that I am tracking.


It may be possible that your main site is adding rules in its .htaccess file that also affects Matomo. Would it possible for you to install it into a subdomain?

I reviewed the htaccess files. I could not find any recent changes or any rules that may be restricting the access. I am afraid, reinstalling Matomo at this stage will be very difficult.

Is there any other way I can debug further ?

When I click on Websites->Manage using admin account, I get the following message

Your Web Analytics reports need Websites! Add, update, delete Websites, and show the JavaScript to insert in your pages. You currently have access to ? websites.
A user with Super User access can also specify global settings for new websites.

Yet I am able to add new website. If I click on global settings hyperlink, it shows forbidden. Can this be an htaccess issue ? What particular file/files it may be restricting ?