Error 403 on Settings--> Plugins

My website encountered a hack so the web hosting company (ovh) locked it until i discovered and fixed the issue, which was done.

But since then, i have many problems with piwik.
I entirely reinstalled it (1.1.1), but i still have these issues :
“Oups ! Problème rencontré durant la requête, veuillez réessayer.” in the dashboard.
And whenever i am trying to go to the “plugins admin”,

I have this 403 error "Forbidden - You don’t have permission to access /piwik/index.php on this server."
I checked the “plugins” subdirectory permissions : 705 (default set), i have done nothing to change the default permissions on all the piwik directories or files.

It seems like the plugins can not be loaded but i don’t know why, since it is a brand new installation.

Thanks for your help

I got the same error during upgrade from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 and this helped me :

  • open file /piwik/tmp/.htaccess
  • find the line

<IfModule mod.access.c>
Deny from all

  • change it to

<IfModule mod.access.c>
Allow from all

  • after upgrade finished I changed back to

<IfModule mod.access.c>
Deny from all