I installed piwik in subdomain, and added the piwik JavaScript block before the /body tag.

When I navigate to the web page I found the following error in the Chrome console
GET http://piwik.**./piwik.js net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

I did disable AdBlock and Do Not Track extensions.
Any tip?

I found that piwik was blocked by Avira Browser Safety extension (antivirus extension)
Also, it was blocked by Blur extension - a tracker blocker extension.

Both, are very popular extensions…
Any way I can make the piwik code not be be blocked by those or similar extensions?

With Regards

Hi there, just to add my 2 cent:
happened to me, too, Chrome/Win7 and Ghostery extension installed.
Whitelisting the Piwik made the error go away.
Cheers, Igor