Equivalent of ga('send', 'pageview', location.pathname); for Piwik

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Piwik and couldn’t find the answer in the documentation. I’m trying to find the equivalent of : ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, location.pathname); but for Piwik.

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The quivalent should be

paq.push(['setCustomUrl', '/' + window.location]);
_paq.push(['setDocumentTitle', 'My New Title']);

(from How to track single-page websites and web applications using Piwik Analytics - Analytics Platform - Piwik)
Keep in mind you only need it for single page applications.

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the solution that’s great. Indeed I’m using PJAX on a WordPress. I use to have GA on it but I want to change for Piwik.

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