Encrytion of Mail did not store in config.ini.php

after choose the encryption type in Settings>General Settings>Mail> use smtp (yes) and encryption = SSL or TLS, it did not store the data in the config.ini.php. Even after clicked on Save button still it stores “” empty in the config.ini.php.
Is this a problem? and i could not manage to send email too…

ticket created for config.ini.php:
duno y i cant put the proper hyperlink to the address…the should be “http://”

The second problem is i’m facing an error

Unable to load plugin ‘Proxy’ because ‘path\piwik/plugins/Proxy/Proxy.php’ couldn’t be found. You can manually uninstall the plugin by removing the line Plugins[] = Proxy from the Piwik config file.

Then i add in the folder for proxy by copy from another location because the file located at piwik/core/API/Proxy.php
then it appears this error
The class Piwik_Proxy couldn’t be found in the file "path\piwik/plugins/Proxy/Proxy.php’

So i decided to comment ; the part in line 298 of global.ini.php to ;Plugins[] = Proxy

If you’re going to use the bleeding edge version in svn, you have to remember to manually delete the files in tmp/templates_c/* and tmp/assets/* after you “svn up”.

ya, i’d already removed the files… the other functions is working well and only left the encryption not working well although i change the Mail.php before when i adding the features all in from the ticket i search and provided recently.

What i mean is when i choose encryption type = SSL the config.ini.php did not store the encryption as “SSL” and only “” empty in thr. Not the other prob. Btw thx.

Oh I see. You’re just picking individual files. You’ll need the updated Mail.php from this changeset.