Enabling heartbeat on IOS Mobile app with IOS SDK

Currently we have integrated our mobile app with Piwik IOS mobile sdk. Screen tracking works as expected using tracker API, but time on page always shows 0 seconds.

For Javascript APIs, there is enableheartbeat, which helps to track time spent on a page accurately. Is there a similar option available in IOS sdk?

Or is this something that is available only on Piwik Pro?

Piwik PRO provides aggregated data on your app’s performance. You get access to reports such as events, number of active users, devices, and time spent on page.


The iOS SDK is maintained by Cornelius Horstmann. It’s probably the easiest way if you ask on the github repository as the heartbeat parameter seems not to be mentioned there.

You definitely don’t need Piwik PRO for this as it is a main feature of the open source Piwik software.
Please keep in mind that the company Piwik PRO is (except for the right to use the name) completely seperate from piwik and hasn’t contributed any code to Piwik.

Hi @Findus23, Thank you for your suggestion. I have now created the same question in Github repository.

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