Enable/Disable features on a per 'user' or per 'website' basis?

In an On-Premise Matomo instance, is it possible to enable or disable the Premium Features such as Custom Reports, Heatmaps, Session Recordings, Media Analytics on per ‘user’ or per ‘website’ basis?

I run analyitcs for multiple customers in a single Matomo instance. I would like to offer my customers to opt-in to additional features offered by the Premium Feature add-ons above, and then enable/disable them for that customer’s user(s) or website?

I can’t see these options in the Matomo web app UI (although I haven’t purchased the Premium Feature Add-ons yet). Can this be done in the Web UI or in the PHP config files? If not, I suppose the next best thing would be custom theme(s) where I simply hide the relevant features using CSS and JS?

Many thanks for your comments, opinions and suggestions with this.

Hi there,

Currently it is not possible to restrict users to particular features in the UI. The only restrictions available are what site the user has access to. https://developer.matomo.org/guides/permissions