Empty Pages and Action

(KoloJay) #1

Hello everybody,

I have some piwik installations and all are working well except of one. What is the problem? The visitors are counted correctly so I can see how many visitors have been on my page. But I couldn’t see which pages they have vistited how often.

When I click on “Actions/Pages” is seems like all vistors only have been on the frontpage “/”. And also “Actions/Page titles” are empty as you can see on the attached images.

The code on my pages (the same on every subpage) looks like:

Does anyone have an idea where the problem is? Thanks for any hint…

Best regards

(tillo) #2

I have the same problem since update to 0.5.4.
Piwik does not tracks the site entrys (site name and site title).

After downgrade to 0.5.2 it works fine.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

On the website that doesn’t count page views properly, can you try and put the new Javascript code in your footer?

After a few days, are page views counted correctly? if so, there might be a bug in how Piwik tracks pages from the old Javascript code.