Embed report on Wordpress, using Wordpress plugin

Hi, I have a website with the WP Matomo plugin installed. Collecting data perfectly, thankyou!
However I would love to share the data with the world, and the documentation calls for adding users to enable anonymous viewing; I can’t find the relevant components in either wordpress or in the ‘matomo’ dashboard.

Example: documentation says ‘login to Matomo as an admin/super user’, but when I click on ‘administration’ there is no ‘users’ option. My guess is that either:

  1. I am being a muppet and missing something obvious, or
  2. This only applies for the standalone ‘Matomo’ version and not the wordpress version

Many thanks in advance!

I am answering my own question - it looks as though the users are handled by WP rather than Matomo. I will read this documentation and report back!

OK still more or less stuck; I have enabled viewing for anonymous users, but now I can’t find widgets (as described here), so I can’t obtain an embed code. Any thoughts? Thanks :slight_smile:

Partial success. In the wordpress dashboard if you hover over a title it gives you a shortcode that works; however I would like to see a graph of visitors over time, and the shortcodes just give the raw data. Any idea of how to get the graph would be greatly appreciated!

hi @David_Clubb

the widgets cannot be exported with the plugin. sorry.

Kind regards


Thanks Matthieu, appreciate the response. Keep up the good work!