Email reports not sent. Broken pipe errno=32

Hi guys,

since upgrade of matomo in 3.9.1, we have this kind of warning message :

WARNING [2019-09-02 07:42:18] 5981 /…./libs/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Abstract.php(324): Notice - fwrite(): send of 6 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe - Matomo 3.9.1 - Please report this message in the Matomo forums: (please do a search first as it might have been reported already).

It occurs at the moment to send report to the users. Users don’t receive their report by mail !
But not for all reports : some work !

Line 324 of pgm abstract.php is :
324 $result = fwrite($this->_socket, $request . self::EOL);

Any idea ?
Thx for your help


  • Do you have SMTP enabled in the Matomo settings (I think so)?
  • What kind of SMTP server are you using to send the mails? (The one by your webhoster, something like gmail, one hosted by your organization, etc.)

Email server settings : yes to ‘use smtp server for e-mail’
And it’s a server hosted by my company.
… and as I said, some reports are sending, some others, not… Sometime, it works !