Email Reports Not Sending


I can’t send email reports, it has never worked. I am using version 2.10.0 just updated today.

I have tried using the default mail settings which don’t work, the error I receive is;

Using smtp settings also don’t work, the error I receive is

Piwik is installed on my shared hosting account using JustHost.

I also have JustHost installed on a custers shared hosting which is BT, it works fine for them. This would point to a hosting issue would it not? If so, what should I be looking for?



This is a simple fix when your host is Justhost, for some reason www gets added to an email address and causes it to fail.
Simply edit your config.ini.php file in the piwik config directory and under [General] put this line in
noreply_email_address = ""


Thanks for the reply! This was in fact the fix! I found this out just recently myself but after much trial and error.

I wish Piwik would implement better error reporting to make it easier to fault trace, apart from that it’s an excellent product.

Thanks again @dline


Yes I know what you mean, The only way I discovered the fix was having justhost tech support look at their logs that we can’t see
to discover that piwik was adding the www to an email address. I’m sure other apache servers are doing the same thing so this may apply to other host providers as well.


Still… well spotted!

(Urs Bader) #6

Dear comunity,
I have just installed piwik 3.0.4. Looks great and easy to operate.
Unfortunately, I have the same problem as mentioned above. I have tried the described solution (as well as all others found in google) but cannot send reports by email.

Therefore my question: Are there any new explanations for this error, or new workarounds to overcome it?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance and
best regards
King Louis

(Lukas Winkler) #7


This sounds like an issue with your hoster. Maybe contact them in case they have an solution.

Other than that I can only recommend you to look into the php error log for more detailed error messages.

(Urs Bader) #8

Thanks for your advice. I will try both ways and come back with the result.

(Urs Bader) #9

Hello again,
To solve the problem, I had to enter a valid email address that is used as l sender e-mail for all script mails at the hosting system (hosteurope). Doing so, no error message has been generated anymore and the mail was sent to me as expected.
However, it is interesting, that for sending mails out of joomla (PHP mail, in my opinion also a script mail) this entry was not needed.
Thanks a lot for your valuable input that helped me to solve the problem.

(Matthieu Aubry) #10

Hello everyone,
We have created a FAQ to help about this issue: Emails from Matomo are not being sent, how do I troubleshoot and solve the issue? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hopefully it will help people get their emails working. if you have any issue with receiving emails from Matomo please follow the FAQ and let us know how it goes (by following the “Contact support” link in the FAQ). Have a great day!