Email reports no longer sent after upgrade to 4.0.5

Greetings from Vienna!

I am asking this community for help with an issue after upgrading my Matomo instance from the latest 3.x version to 4.0.5. Since the upgrade, I am no longer receiving reports by email, which was working with version 3.x for more than 2 years.

In Firefox, when I click on “Send report now” I can briefly (for less than a second) see an error message in red: “Failed to load HTML file - Please check if you have an ad blocker or something similar enabled.”.

Again in Firefox, the following is shown in the console:

While I do have an ad blocker installed in Firefox, it is disabled for the Matomo instance. So I installed Chrome without any extensions. In Chrome, when I click on “Send Report now”, I can briefly see a success message, but I still don’t receive any emails.

In Chrome, I also do not see any messages in the console.

This happens independent from the report format (HTML or PDF) and whether I have chosen to create graphs or not. Interestingly, when I click on “Download”, this works perfectly fine in both Firefox and Chrome. The HTML report is opened in a new window, and the PDF report is downloaded as expected. The content is always fine, and the charts are accurate.

My Matomo instance is running on Nginx, which I have configured according to the Matomo-Nginx configuration on GitHub.

What I have read and tried so far to get my email reports working again:

Let me point out again that there was no change to the configuration when Matomo was upgraded. The configuration was working fine with Matomo 3.x and I did receive weekly emails.

Any suggestions are welcome, thank you for reading through this.



For the error in the console: Please check the network tab in your browser for failed requests.

For E-Mails not being sent (Matomo 4 uses a completely different library for actually sending the E-Mails), I’d recommend you to send a test mail as shown in

Hello Lukas,

thank you very much for your response.

There are no failed requests shown in the network tab, neither in Firefox nor in Chrome.

Without changing the configuration, I did try to send test emails from the console to my standard email provider, to an Outlook address and to a Gmail address. There was no output shown in the console and no emails were sent.

Since you mentioned that Matomo 4 uses a different library for sending emails, I have now configured an SMTP server instead of relying on the local mail function. After this configuration change, I was able to send email reports.

In the meantime, I have upgraded to Matomo version 4.1.0. I still see the red error message “Failed to load HTML file […]” in Firefox when I click on “Send Report now”, and also the same error message is shown in the console. But email delivery does not seem to be impacted.

Thank you for your support and for pointing me in the right direction. This topic can be marked as resolved.

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