Email reports changing language

I’ve got email reports set up to be emailed to me daily, using 1.7 beta, and all working well - except, one week after setting it up the reports mysteriously changed language.

Last time it turned to spanish, so I reinstalled (assuming it was something I’d done) and this time, they have changed into Slovakian.

Anyone got any idea’s on whats going on, why this would be happening or how I can make my reports go back into English?

Yesterday it was fine, but today it is in Chinese.
Can someone who understands the code give me a hand to solve this?

Today the report is in Italian…

Is it a new problem since 1.7 beta? was it working in 1.6 ?

I’ve only ever used 1.7, so dont know if its a new feature

Today, spanish!

Encontrará el reporte de Diario…

Encontrará el reporte de Diario Yoursite como un archivo PDF adjunto.

Spanish again… Buenos Dias!

انظر المرفقات رجاء لتحميل يومي التقارير حول

Today is Hebrew?

Can you please send me an email at matt at piwik with the bug report and link to this post? we can investigate

I don’t know what you mean by the bug report, sorry.

Today, we have Thai!

กรุณาหาในไฟล์แนบของคุณ แต่ละวัน รายงานสำหรับ

rendesr, sorry about that, we dont see the bug on our Piwik servers.

One question: did you setup a cron task such as : How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo ?

If not, can you please try?

If using the cron fixes the “language” problem then we will still want to try to fix the bug, but at least I will know a bit where to look. Thanks

Hey Matt, no I didn’t set up a cron like that, it was all done through the email reports screen in the admin section.
I will set the CRON up to archive my data, and see if that resolves the email report language issue!

Thanks for the bug report, other users reported it so I created a ticket Email reports sent with web cron are not sent in the user language · Issue #2950 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Thanks Matt, looking forward to the fix for this one!

Is this a Windows server?

No, CentOS with Apache, PHP5

Hi there,

I have the same problem and also think I know the source of it.
If a visitor e.g. from Russia visits your homepage and you use the iframe for opt-out, the iframe text wil be displayed related to the language settings of the visitor. this language change affects also the language of your emails.

As a salesman I´m not able to fix it, but I hope Matt can do it quickly, as these reports are sent to our clients also and you can not imagine how “high-quality” my sales approach is, if a client recently got a report in kyrrillic, thai or something else.

Always the first question: “Got our company website hacked?”

So I think it´s a mayor bug to fix!!!



This bug is fixed in 1.7.1 release