Email Reports being sent out twice

I have had 2.2.0 running for a bit over a month now.

Most of the domains have Weekly stats being emailed with pdf.

The Monday night stats have the last weeks info ( All good there)
What the problem is the next Sunday night, the system sends out the same stats again.

The Stats have only one cronjob.
Any thought as to why, or where I should look to stop the sunday resend of stats.

Please upgrade to 2.3.0 and try again?

I did the upgrade.

BUT I still have the same problem.

How do I stop it from happening.

The report should only be sent once. Can you always reproduce the issue every week ?


Yes every week since I went to ver 2 <.
I did start with a fresh install at 2.2.0 , and it was upgraded to 2.3.0

But every week on monday the new weekly stats are sent, then it resends the same stats on sunday.

The lot is run by only one cron job, nothing else.
What do you think it could be…

I have defined daily custom alerts in Piwik 2.3.0 and also get them twice. I have a cronjob every 10 minutes and I receive the daily alerts at 01:00 and 01:10.

Ok so there are at least two of you with this issue. Would you mind, creating a ticket on our issue tracker?

I created a ticket, and nothing done or replyes from it.

I have the latest update out and still nothing fixed

I see other tickets have been looked at and fixed.

My Ticket is “Email Reports being sent out twice · Issue #5300 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Well the fix did not work Like it should, there are more errors now.

I have started another message post about the errors #121558