Email notifications of new versions?

I was wondering if there is an announce mailing list (not discussion) only indicating when new releases are out?

I have several Piwik installations with multiple admin users and it’s not feasible in our context to have notifications send out to everyone from there.

I noticed there is an RSS feed at Changelog – Analytics Platform – Matomo, and I can work out something from there but if there was an official list I’d like to know, I couldn’t find anything like that.

Salut Fabien,

I’m not aware of such “announce mailing list” but that would be great to add to Piwik release process.

Feel free to add the suggestion there: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Thanks for your suggestion, I file this as a bug report here: RFE: setup a "piwik-announce" mailing list and post EOL/new version announcements there as part of the release process · Issue #7063 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

BTW Fabian, EOL in Piwik’s world is always "CURRENT -1 ".


No backport, always moving forward…

That’s why I’m often 3 versions late so newly introduced bugs are discovered before I upgrade…