Element Visibility Trigger doesn’t seem to work

I want to fire a tag when a div pops up based on a button click: the visible element I want to track is the div (see the divs in the screenshot below. Measuring one of them is sufficient)

My tag and trigger are as follows:

My trigger:
Type: Element Visibility
Name: Element Visibility - Uitklapmenu
Selection method: CSS Selector
CSS Selector: (tried both:) .class and div.class
Fire: Once per element
Min % Visible: 30
Visible Element Classes contains sc-3deb3e4

My tag:
Type: Matomo Analytics
Name: Click Additional information
Tracking Type: Event
Execute when: Element Visbility - Uitklapmenu

Other Element Visibility triggers are working and I have no clue what to do. Anyone any idea?

Are other elements (whose visibility triggers work well) popping up, of are becoming visible by scrolling?
Also is the non-working div present in the DOM from the beginning (and what for other ones)?