Element visibility on dialog pop up

Hey everyone,

I’m mostly new to both the forum and Matomo. I’ve read user guides partially and viewed videos partially.

Created the first triggers and tags with the tag manager and got them working.

Now I am trying to add a time counter linked to an element visibility to find out how long a user has looked at a certain content.

My trigger:
Type: Element Visibility
Name: Module Dialog Visible
Selection method: Element ID
Element ID: module_eventpage
Fire: Once per element
Min % Visible: 50
no optional settings.

My tag:
Type: Matomo Analytics
Name: Module Page View
Tracking Type: Pageview
Execute when: Module Dialog Visible

So I realize that there is still a counter etc missing here to find out how long it is looking at it, but I am sitting on the trigger being fired at all.

The element that is supposed to trigger it here is in a slideshow dialog box that opens after clicking on a peel area.

The trigger is fired when it is a normal element on the page, but the elements on the dialog box don’t seem to be recognized.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Is your page view well tracked?
How did you configure exactly the variable / trigger / tag for the click on peel area?
Did you try to use the MTM preview?

Hey Philippe,

in the basic package was the page view already implemented and is working. this is only for opening the website (no matter which subpage or index). so I am seeing how many ppl watches the website per day.

i have already an trigger and tag to notice a click.

  • Name: Module Page Element Click
  • only trigger when: Click Element matches the CSS selector [id^=module_] to track if any element/object is clicked where the id starts with module_

Name: Module Page Click
Matomo Configuration
Tracking Type: Event
Event Category: User Interaction
Event Action: {{ClickId}}
Event Name: {{ClickId}} Name
Event Value: -
Configure when the tag should do this: Module Page Element Click

The Matomo Configuration has only “Enable Link Tracking”, “Bundle Tracker” and “Register As Default Tracker” active

This tag is working nearly perfect.

My problem is to make the element visibility working, so the tag and trigger from first post.

To test my results I always use the MTM preview to see if the trigger is fired.

How do you display your content? ie do you add DOM elements in the document after MTM has loaded, or do you just show/hide these elements?

After MTM has loaded, more DOM elements are added to the page later

Try maybe to add an HTML tag at page view trigger:
_paq.push(['trackContentImpressionsWithinNode', domNode])
with domNode the node already existing at pageLoad and that will contain the node you will further add…