Element clicks trigger only works with double click / tab

I have been testing this with many Tags / triggers and they all show this behaviour.

For instance: I want to track the use of a ‘load more’ button in my gallery.

So I make a new tag matomo analytics
Tracking type EVENT

Create trigger
All Elements click
Click class contains “some class”

It all works. I created many events this way

However, and it took me a while to figure out, they only work after double click on my laptop mouse pad, or double tab. Nobody does that off course :slight_smile: For instance, if I want to track an expand element, it will only track when users double click, but double click off course expands and collapses it straight away. Who does that? :wink:

Am i missing something here?

Just a quick follow up. I tested Tag Manager on a flat file website with some css and javascript and everything worked as expected, flawlessly. No double click issues whatsoever. Completely different experience from Matomo Tag Manager on my Wordpress site. Half the time tracking does not work or is showing some weird behaviour. So I expect something must cause some conflicts