Editing Segment by a User

We encountered following situation:
1.A user X has created a Segment
2. Later a Super User Y has shared the Segment with X’s colleagues.
3. When user X, that is not Super User, wanted to edit his own Segment, he could not and saw following message:

  • “enabledAllUsers=1 requires Super User access”

Is it possible for a ‘normal’ user to edit their own Segments, without being a Super User?

It seems to be a bug: I submitted an issue here: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/17729

Hey @SteveG

Its a bug or a feature?


Guess more a feature request. Actually it’s by design that shared segments can not be edited by normal users.
I guess the most user friendly solution would be to automatically clone a shared segment back to the user when it is edited by a normal user.

Hey Stefan.

Thank you for quick reply.
Is this something on your roadmap or do I have to bring this up to git somewhere?
Some of our customers need this feature to analyses their tools.

I don’t think this is currently on our roadmap. But feel free to discuss the possible solution on the github issue https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/17729 and provide a pull request to change that behavior once a solution was confirmed by the team.