Editing Live.js

I’m trying to change the Live widget to add sound notification upon new visits.

It seemed logic to me that to do this I’d have to edit /piwik/plugins/Live/templates/scripts/live.js, however no changes made to this file seem to be reflected in the application!

Am I editing the right file?

please see: http://piwik.org/participate/user-interface/#toc-asset-merging

Ah! Thanks for that Matt.

I’ve added sound notifications on new visitor and on click. I’ve only tested it with the “Visitors in real time” widget and it appears to work nicely.

I’ve attached the modified files. To add this functionality, rename the attached .png file to .zip and drop the archive’s contents into plugins/Live/templates/

It’d be great to have this implemented into the core of Piwik, but I guess it’d need an “Audio notifications On/Off” switch somewhere in Piwik’s settings as the sounds might be overwhelming in high traffic sites. Let me know if this is something you’d be looking into implementing.

Feels kinda nice to share my first contribution with the Open Source community - even if almost insignificant :slight_smile:

Thanks for the contrib!
Yes, we could consider playing sounds for new visits. However it might be even more interesting to play sounds for Goal conversions, since Goal == Good when Visit not necessarily.

So we would need a new Settings Tab in the admin to

  • enable/disable the Sound on Visit
  • enable/disable the sound on Goal/ecommerce conversion
  • choose between different sounds?

Also please submit the patch in a new ticket in dev.piwik.org — see : http://piwik.org/participate/development-process/#toc-how-to-submit-a-patch

My websites are quite basic and don’t have much traffic at all (yet) so every visit and single click is a goal at the moment. Hence why my emphasis is on this but I agree that a different sound for achieved goals would be desirable for higher traffic/ecommerce sites.

I’d just add one more option to your Sounds settings tab spec:

  • enable/disable the Sound on Click
    This would not appeal to everyone but I find it informative to hear more or less the speed at which people navigate de site. Besides, it’s already done as I mentioned.

I’ll upload the patch as you suggest once I’ve read and obsorbed the dev process notes a little better.

Created new ticket and uploaded patch: Add sound on new visit and on click · Issue #3308 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub