Edit: How do I export specific variables?

Hi all,

I am kind of lost with my mission ahead and would really appreciate some help.

I study marketing and right now I am writing my master thesis about consumers’ reaction to online advertisement. In addition, I have a website generating revenue with display ads. Unfortunately so far I only used Google Analytics and have difficulties setting up piwik the way I want to… do you dare to help a desperate student? :slight_smile:

The aim of my paper is to analyze and compare the variation in consumers engagement to display advertising based on browsing behavior and device used.

In order to do so, I want to track the impressions and clicks of the banners placed on the website. The question is: How can I implement such tracking with piwik?

To be more concrete, the data I am looking on an individual session level is:

  • Device (mobile/ desktop)
  • Visit Time
  • Number of Session Page Views
  • Total Number of Visits
  • Time since Last Visit
    [b]- Number of Banner XYZ Exposure in Session
  • Number ob Banner XYZ clicks in Session
  • Total Number of XYZ Banner Exposures
  • Total Number ob Banner XYZ clicks in Session[/b]
  • Time of Day
  • Weekday
  • Source of traffic (organic / direct / social)
  • Total visit time (all sessions if returning visitor)
  • Total number of page views (all sessions if returning visitor)
  • Average visit time
  • Average time between site visits
  • Standard deviation of the time between site visits

Well that’s challenge number one… once I gathered that data over 3-4-weeks I need to export it from the database in a format I can use in SPSS (statistic program) in order to analyze it. Here I am tot sure either how this will work. Are there standard sql queries available for exporting the data the way I need it?

Sorry if these questions are kind of lame, the raw technical site is just not really my strength…

I am grateful for every hint or comment that can steer me in the right direction.

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Brief update: I managed to implement the awesome content tracking feature.

Only big question left is: How can I export all the variables I need for the analysis? I understand, that you can export single reports, but is there an universal export feature, where I can decide what data I want to export?

Hi there,

If you want to export the “Detailed user-by-user data”, you need to look at the Live API: Real Time Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Dear Toasty and other masters of Piwik!

@toasty , did you manage to export the data you needed and conduct the analysis?

I am in a very similar situation with my Master’s Thesis. I aim to track the website behavior on user-level of the users that came to the site via different types of traffic. These types are Owned, Earned and Paid and I would like to identify each of them separated by a similar tracking method as Google’s UTM tagging. Is this possible in Piwik?

Here are the most important variables that I would like to track on a user-level:

•Session/Visit time (Session duration)
•Number of page visits (Pages/session)
•Bounce Rate
•Participation to the competition (Goal conversion Y/N)
•Clicks on banner ads on the site
•New vs. returning user (if returning, how many prior visits? )

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Yes it’s possible with PIwik, use Custom Variables (or use our new Custom Dimensions plugin) and then use Segments to get the metrics for the particular Custom Variable / Custom Dimension value.