Ecommerce widget, graph displayed in inverted colors after update


I’ve updated from version 1.12 to 2.4.1. It seems that everything works fine, but not the ecommerce widget:

  • the colors of the graph are inverted
  • and choosing other values for displaying in the chart is causing an infinite loading

Got someone the same problem - any ideas?

Thanks a lot

can you try to delete the tmp directory?

or try to upgrade to: latest version from Index of /

I remember this issue was solved before so we can find solution :wink:

I’ve tried both ways (deleting tmp and after this installing rc4), but none of them are solving the problem. The chart of ecommerce graph has still a black background and grey lines.

Additionally after upgrading (I think not before) I see this error in the log file
mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Piwik\Plugin\Manager::findMultipleComponents() in /var/www/…/core/API/ApiRenderer.php on line 101

Any other ideas?

maybe some files are not uploaded properly?

have you tried restarting web server? or maybe this error occured once only?

you’re right Matt - the error message occurs only twice (at the same time) and now no more

But the black graph is still there…

Thanks in advance

Is it just on a report or in a dashboard? If its in a dashboard then delete and re add it.

It is a widget on the dashboard - and removing and adding again is the solution!

Thanks a lot lesjokolat656 !