Ecommerce Widget (Fatal) error with conversionrate

I have some problems with the ecommerce widget on the dashboard.

When I first add the widget to the dashboard, all looks good and all values are shown. On a refresh of the dashboard, it still looks good.

Now when I add a line for the conversionrate, it shows the line but on a refresh of the dashboard/widget, the values for Total Revenue, Avg Order, Purchased Products, Rev. left in cart are all 0 and the line for the conversion rate is gone.

Now if I add the conversionrate line again and remove all other lines I get a fatal error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function getFirstRow() on a non-object in /home/statsgal/public_html/piwik/plugins/Goals/Controller.php on line 429. Only thing I can do then is remove the widget and add it again.

Same thing happens if I add a line for Total Revenue and refresh the widget. Then the values for conversionrate, purchased products and visits with abandoned carts are all 0.

I tried with different users and all show the same result.

So to sum it up :):
The widget does not remember its settings and always only show the Ecommerce Orders line. All other lines are ignored.
Showing any other line without the Ecommerce Orders line will throw a fatal error on line 429.
If a different line (than Ecommerce Orders) is selected, (some of) the values in the table below the graph are set to 0

Can you try the latest beta where this bug should be fixed: