Ecommerce Tracking in Matomo

Dear community,

We have recently implemented Matomo self-hosted tracking on our company websites. The advanced Ecommerce events (setEcommerceView, addEcommerceItem, removeEcommerceItem, clearEcommerceCart and trackEcommerceOrder) have also been implemented according to the Matomo specifications:

However, in Matomo Analyltics I only see the information about completed ecommerce orders and abandoned carts in the ecommerce report and visits log. What is the benefit of the other events? Where can I see them in Matomo Analytics? Is there a funnel report similar to GA4 where you can see at which event users bounce etc.?

Is it worth implementing the other events or is the trackEcommerceOrder event basically enough? What is your opinion on this?

Thanks for your feedback.


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