Ecommerce tracking errors

After extensive testing (new to Piwik, trying to learn!) I have found out that:

  • Ecommerce tracking ok for a normal shoppingcart fullfillment, with one or more products and orderID.
  • Updating an order is not possible - adding product or changing anything, parameters are sendt, according to Firebug, but no changes are recorded, except a new visit to the page (Action)
  • Adding a new order for same visitor is not possible. Tried with a new unique order id. Same as over, parameters sendt (Firebug ok), no new ecommerce is registered (only pageview)
  • Adding only products and no order ID /ecommerce order, creates an Abandoned Cart. No way to “unabandon” the cart, meaning to fulfill the order later. This should be possible, because “add to cart” seldom knows the orderID, as it is onlyk created at fullfillment.

Another issue is that it is impossible to create a new visitor when testing, in other analytics systems you just have to delete cookies to be tracked as a new user. Piwik recognize the visitor (browser) anyway. That may be cool sometimes, but makes it hard to test and debug installation.

I hope anyone can prove me wrong :slight_smile: !
These errors makes it difficult to start using Piwik for ecommerce

Definitely something seems not working for you, because normally that should work OK!

Could you please prepare a few HTML files with the code to replicate what you think is the bug, and try on a new piwik installation in a clean DB ?

Can your reproduce this issue?

If so please let me know

Just tried this on another installation of Piwik on another host, and everything works as expected, all ok.
If I can find out what caused it, I will get back to this post.