Ecommerce - track product view & empty "sold products" list

Been trying to setup ecommerce tracking for a Drupal website.

I was able to configure the purchase and the add-to-cart events, but having issues with the product views.

  1. The trigger is working and product urls are being recorded but the other info (id, name, category, price) isn’t being sent consistently. I’ve been debugging it for a few hours and there’s only 1 time where that info was being sent. While not changing any of the main config. Any idea why that’s happening and how I can fix it?



  1. When looking at the purchase data, there’s revenue shown but no data in “products sold”

    Is this related to the product view issue?
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Update: i even tried to replace the variable values with fixed values like in the example and I still don’t get the additional info of Viewed Product SKU/Price/category/Name.

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I was able to solve the issue with the purchas data and empty sold products. What I missed was adding all the products at the purchase step as well. I only sent the transaction info and not the individual products. Needs to be more clear in the guide imo with a full example.

The product views are also coming through, but is recording less views than GA4/UA while using the same trigger conditions. Anyone else with this issue?

Can you provide some example screenshots?

the last 3 days 26-28 aug.

In GA4

In matomo

In term of visits / page views, is there a difference between Matomo and GA?
Is there a difference across all browsers? countries? time of the day?

Visits and page views look similar.


Device wise

Countries look the same as well with minor difference.

Then it seems you have more visits on Matomo than on GA…
But you record less product actions on Matomo than on GA…
Very strange.
Do you track JavaScript errors on Matomo? How do you track on GA?

I was able to find the issue…

Turns out there was no line-break after the last comment. But visually it just showed that way… uuuuuuuuugggghhh