Ecommerce reports

We’re tracking e-commerce views with 5 categories (async via setEcommerceView) and log an additional e-commerce order during the ajax submit of the enquiry form on each product page (using the same _paq we did the setEcommerceView earlier and call addEcommerceItem + trackEcommerceOrder).

Now, in the e-commerce stats there is a high number of “-1” as SKU, Product name or Category in the e-commerce reports.

There are also categories which have orders, but no visits logged to it.

Any ideas? Where to look for those -1’s to see where it doesn’t pull the data together in the reporting? I’ve checked the “NET” panel in Firebug and it looks like the data is properly posted back to piwik.php, but not properly showing in the reports.

Using latest version, but have these inconsistencies in historical data as well.



thanks for the report. it’s possible there’s a bug in piwik or a bug in your code. Could you somehow prepare a minimalist test case that reproduces the issue simply ?then we could fix the problem in piwik

Thank you Matt.

It appears there are two separate issues and my initial though was that the missing visits are aggregated as ‘-1’. This is not the case.

Seems the ‘-1’ issue is addressed in ticket 3116 and are simply items with only one view, but no conversion with an unfortunate label. Will try increasing datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_referers to above 100 and see what it does.

I can confirm that my script sends proper data to piwik and confirmed this in the tables. Visits of product views are not shown in the ecommerce goal conversion if there is only one e-commerce view (only one unique idvisit for that item in log_link_visit_action to be precice). I have created ticket 3569 for this and could not figure out where it would do this in the code.