Ecommerce plugin, opencart

I have this set up and running for all of 24 hours so i have no long term data. However ive had a few customers in that time.

Opencart 2.3.2 and the plugin installed on opencart as well as a separate install of matomo. It logs all ecommerce data but not product categories.

Product Category not defined.

Have i missed a step? Nothing is being logged for this. Everything else is.

Any ideas?


I think this is something you need to ask the developer of the Opencart plugin.

Hi, I was the original developer of that extension (though I had to create a new Matomo forum account, old one I couldn’t get in to!)…

Yes, you are correct, that was a limitation of the old version for OC 2.x - however it did have most of the code for it, just hidden behind an if (false) { because I hadn’t tested it enough at the point of release, so you could find that and manually change to (true) and it should work with the old version, but in a limited way as I think I added it for Category views, but not for Orders.

I have now updated the extension, with lots of improvements including now fully supporting tracking product categories, and moving to the latest OC 3.x - You can find it at

Let me know if you have any questions!