Ecommerce plugin issue after to 2.11.0 from 2.11.0-b4

(piwikeval) #1

Hello, I was running 2.11.0-b4 and noticed that 2.11.0 was “officially” released.

After upgrade now receive this:

Plugin Ecommerce has defined the method getInformation() and as well as having a plugin.json file. Please delete the getInformation() method from the plugin class. Alternatively, you may delete the plugin directory from plugins/Ecommerce

Any recommendations? (BTW removing plugin.json does not help. Removing Ecommerce plugin directory causes more issues)

Thanks in advance


  1. BTW, in most cases, this prevents you from doing anything else; even doing a Login to the system
  2. It prevents you from accessing the Administartion menu
  3. I used the “3 Step Manual Upgrade” to perform this upgrade

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

To fix this issue delete the file plugins/Ecommerce/Ecommerce.php

it should have been deleted during the upgrade automatically but maybe that didn’t work for you

(piwikeval) #3

Thanks Matt!

I am testing that change right now; I have to do it on a few servers as this is a replicated setup.

I really like what you are doing with this product. I just look forward to the upgrade process being more seamless and consistent.

It seems that each upgrade brings a new issue with the upgrade process itself. And it is not pleasant if like me you have a replicated setup involving multiple servers.

In any case thank you again and please don’t hesitate to contact me for some additional testing especially if you have questions/doubts about the impact on a replicated setup (i.e., Multi-Master MySQL Replication of Piwik, or Piwik and Drupal).


(Matthieu Aubry) #4

if you have multiple servers then to deploy piwik you should first delete all files, then clean upload piwik files, then reupload the config/config.ini.php

we cannot make this work smoothly for your setup unless you do this