Ecommerce Overview widget and 1.10.1

Hello all,

First of all i have to say that piwik is a great tool for tracking our projects.
We are working on custom integration for our ecommerce solution and the results are perfect.

We’ve upgraded our piwik installation from 1.9.2 to 1.10.1 and after that we’ve faced with a strange problem.

Right now the ecommerce overview widget in our dashboard is not accurate.
We can see the “Visits with Abandoned Cart” value correctly but the “Revenue left in cart” is always 0. We tried to refresh, change dates and so on.
We checked with the “Ecommerce” page of piwik and there are related informations listed without a problem.
Also we know that it was working with 1.9.2

Can anyone reproduce this ?


revenue left in cart works for me… Sorry not sure?

Let me share 2 screenshot from the same day.

One of them is from the widget and the other one is from ecommerce page.

[attachment 1097 ecommerce-page.jpg]
[attachment 1096 ecommerce-overview.jpg]

Works for me , check your tracking

For future reference, i’ve solved issue by re-uploading files from latest package, after that i’ve removed the ecommerce overview widget from dashboard and finally i’ve re-added the ecommerce overview widget.

Right now it is working without a problem.