Ecommerce grand total / Statistic of all websites added


I really like the ecommerce tracking feature of Piwik (just started to use it). I’m selling the same items on multiple sites (in fact they are the same sites but at different domains).

I want to track my visitors and page views separated by each domain like it is already, I want to see what site generates what sale … like it is already. But I also want to see the “grand total” of all sites together (or specific sites I choose dynamically). Is there a possibility to do so?

The temporary workaround I have in mind is to simply set up a “fake” site and log each buy (and cart update) twice: Once for the real site on each domain, and once always for the fake site just counting the sales.

Maybe there could be simply a site named “All together” (or so), where everything of all sites is added together. That would be enough for what I want.


Your temporary workaround is the best way to do it in Piwik currently (since there is no feature for “Across websites” statistics).

However if you JUST want “total revenue” then look at the “All websites” dashboard which shows revenue for all sitesin one page.