(Ecommerce) Goals are not tracked


Hello everyone,

I build a TYPO3 website and integrated the commerce extension in order to get a shop functionality. To analyze the website visits and the shopping behaviour I installed piwik which works well in general.
So the problem is when I use the „Ecommerce & Goals“ feature: If I want to track default websites it also works quite well (e.g. terms of use) but when I choose a shop (commerce) relevant site like products, piwik does not track anything. So there are two ways of using goals. I can implement it manually using javascript code which also works but this is not an option for my customer (he wants to create goals using the webinterface).

Anyone who can help me?



Goals are not the same as e-commerce tracking. He can still set up goals as he wishes, but the e-commerce tracking will have to be coded in, because it’s impossible for Piwik to know about the data it needs just from the URL or something.


Thank you!

Okay so the answer is that it is not possible :slight_smile: