Easy import of log files and android piwik server with palapa

Using Palapa Web server ( includes mysql ) I’ve installed piwik with ease on my android tablet. However, it is mostly useless since i hoped to use it to simply import a log file and have it analysed. However simple a thing to do this is not possible with piwik.

I’ve attempted at doing so by running log-analytics from a python shell but there are multiple problems

  1. with python 3 an error is reported for line 866, this clearly has to do with compatibility issues
  2. with python2.7 there’s an unresolvable issue with the missing module bz2

My feature request/suggestion is to adapt the scripts to have some version detection for python in place and have code reserved to warrant compatibility.

The other feature request is to have a simple dialog to upload on or more log files for analysis from the web interface and/or apps. This to avoid the hassle of trying to run a python script from the commandline ( with paramaters ) on Android. Possible, but not evident to do so.

Neither of these feature request should be difficult or a lot of work. To me it would mean i’d be able to do work from my tablet.

Thank you for your consideration.


the script is only compatible with Python 2.6 or 2.7 so far. Please see: GitHub - matomo-org/piwik-log-analytics: Import any kind of server logs in Piwik for powerful log analytics. Universal log file parsing and reporting.

you are welcome to contribute to this open source project :thumbsup: