Each Trigger "All Links Click" seems to create a separate event listener

There appears to be a separate event listener being added for each event trigger to the body. Where we have 14 triggers there are 14 event listeners that are attached to the body of the page. Where its an “All Links Click” there is about 100 ms being added to each click which is affecting the INP (One of Googles new CWV metrics)
My question is why would this be and would it change if say we used the all elements instead and set the options?


Hi @Tom2
Did you try, just to compare, (in a copy of the page, without Matomo) to add listeners as you suggested, and check the new INP in this case?

No, just did the comparisons with and without for the elements, which is where I get the 100ms. GA with the same setup gives me about 20ms. Was hoping not to put too much thought into a third party tool :smile:

Hi @Tom2
I think this is something to improve.
You can then create a ticket at:

Link to the issue @Tom2 created: