E-mails from piwik does not seams to be send

how do i make the system to send mail every 24 hours?

thanks in advance

Have you tried Manage Email Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo with Email Schedule = Daily ?

No. I installed piwik on my server and I set a daily report and I didnot received any do I need to set a cron job ?

Did you try clicking on ‘‘Send report now’’, does it work ?

By the way I’m using 1.4
My mail server works but I want to receive auto reports

have you waited for 1 day? because reports will be sent at midnight the next day in your local timezone

In Piwik 1.4 email reports without cron should work. How many hours has it been since you configured the daily report ?

If it’s been more than 2 days and you are 100% your website has received a visit then you found a new bug.


please send your FTP details, phpmyadmin details and Piwik url login & password in MP, so we can debug the problem, many thanks!

This type of problems also occurs in the server. If the problem persists you can contact the website hosting. I had same problem sending mails but when I contacted the hosting account, I solved the problem.

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I got the same problem like elibyy. Sending emails with “Send report now” are received by the recipient. Weekly reports are not send.
I monitored this about a month - but no emails …

How could I solve this thing - how does elibyy solve it?
Currently I’m using Piwik 1.4.


please upgrade to 1.5.1