E-mails from piwik does not seams to be send


how do i make the system to send mail every 24 hours?

thanks in advance

(JulienM) #2

Have you tried Manage Email Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo with Email Schedule = Daily ?


No. I installed piwik on my server and I set a daily report and I didnot received any do I need to set a cron job ?

(JulienM) #4

Did you try clicking on ‘‘Send report now’’, does it work ?


By the way I’m using 1.4
My mail server works but I want to receive auto reports

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

have you waited for 1 day? because reports will be sent at midnight the next day in your local timezone

(JulienM) #7

In Piwik 1.4 email reports without cron should work. How many hours has it been since you configured the daily report ?

If it’s been more than 2 days and you are 100% your website has received a visit then you found a new bug.



(Matthieu Aubry) #9

please send your FTP details, phpmyadmin details and Piwik url login & password in MP, so we can debug the problem, many thanks!


This type of problems also occurs in the server. If the problem persists you can contact the website hosting. I had same problem sending mails but when I contacted the hosting account, I solved the problem.

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I got the same problem like elibyy. Sending emails with “Send report now” are received by the recipient. Weekly reports are not send.
I monitored this about a month - but no emails …

How could I solve this thing - how does elibyy solve it?
Currently I’m using Piwik 1.4.


(Matthieu Aubry) #12

please upgrade to 1.5.1